Sidharth Bendi // One in a million [EP]

Youthful, Romantic, Dance, Pop, Motivational.

‘One in a million’ by Sidharth Bendi marks the debut of the ambitious, young singer songwriter. Inspired by Ed Sheeran, the hyderabadi lad packs a whole lot of heart and soul into the 5 track EP. – visit the artist’s home on the internet.

Also available on all popular streaming platforms.


No Hero + XCPT + A La Moksh // Sharam Masala [Album]

Rap, Rock, Bi-Lingual, Psychedelic, Aggressive, Contemplative.

When XCPT & No Hero come together, there’s bound to be trouble, and if you throw in some A La Moksh, well, you know what they say about, right?….
Yea. Exactly.
Stream the album HERE.
For the bonus edition, available at a non-suggestive price of $4.20, here’s a convenient embedded player & what not.

The trio occasionally makes plans for more such music and expanding the participants, please send them encouragement and gold.

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