Sidharth Bendi // One in a million [EP]

Youthful, Romantic, Dance, Pop, Motivational.

‘One in a million’ by Sidharth Bendi marks the debut of the ambitious, young singer songwriter. Inspired by Ed Sheeran, the hyderabadi lad packs a whole lot of heart and soul into the 5 track EP. – visit the artist’s home on the internet.

Also available on all popular streaming platforms.

‘Mutant Juice’ – Kirtana Krishna [Live Music Video]

Haunting, Poetic, Bittersweet, Raw, Narrative

Here we have Kirtana Krishna serenading us with an evocative nocturne; her voice guiding us through her laments in an atmospheric bearing, our hands and ears, both held in musical absorption; her fingers simultaneously helping in maneuvering melodies, as beautifully as her voice, the duo, rightfully complimenting the other.

The song drops into a rather captivating resolution & the entire composition, sitting on an soul-stirring, but balmy frame, is worth multiple listens.

“sing to me with all your fervour”

Written by: Navneeth Krishnan

This live recording is one of our favorite solo projects, that we wrapped up in one sitting. Check out the video here –

Kyojin // Tana [Album]

Progressive, Emotive, Melancholy, Organic, Lyrical. 

Tana by Kyojin is an album that showcases the debut of Rahul Menon’s songwriting prowess and the coming together of a band that is likely to become a part of your playlists for years to come.

Also available on all popular streaming services.

Darsh Kadam // Wake Up, We’re Sinking [EP]

Darsh Kadam took holiday activities to the next level by writing and creating 2 songs and a piece of music as an end project to his personalised music lessons. Having gone through various approaches to music education, Darsh & The Sounds Within defined the goal to bring out both his individual musical personality and story telling over technical virtuosity.

Doc.Awes // Doc.umented [EP Artwork]


Doc.Awes is the project of producer Amrith Raghunathan that takes on a unique perspective and an alternative take on the classic hip-hop formula. TheSoundsWithin created the album artwork for the EP ‘Doc.umented’, containing 2 tracks that can be found on their SoundCloud page.

Written by: Rahul Menon

Pranav M Chitrabanu // Don’t Get So Comfy [Drum play-through]

It is rather rare that drummers find themselves hitting the studio the first, irrespective of musical composition, but that is rightfully the case with Banglore drummer – Pranav M Chitrabanu and his track Don’t Get So Comfy. Recorded to a plain metronome and then the surrounding music inversely produced by Akhil Kodamanchili, this song is quite the treat.

Crispy, tasteful grooves, well placed rhythmic pauses and hi-hat chokes, with flavoured fills, Pranav takes us on an amusing, yet grounded and flowy journey.

The title of the track is justified with musical development in the second half of the song, where one cannot merely put a finger on the subtly syncopated affair between the drums and backing score, which leaves you asking for more.

Akhil Kodamanachili’s audacious guitar/bass playing also to be taken notice of – merry plucks/strums to metric modulated picking, his writing, cherry on this drum out(c)ake.

Written by: Navneeth Krishnan

Watch the playthrough here –

No Hero + XCPT + A La Moksh // Sharam Masala [Album]

Rap, Rock, Bi-Lingual, Psychedelic, Aggressive, Contemplative.

When XCPT & No Hero come together, there’s bound to be trouble, and if you throw in some A La Moksh, well, you know what they say about, right?….
Yea. Exactly.
Stream the album HERE.
For the bonus edition, available at a non-suggestive price of $4.20, here’s a convenient embedded player & what not.

The trio occasionally makes plans for more such music and expanding the participants, please send them encouragement and gold.

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