Almost September // Whats the scene? [Album]

In an act of desperation, hyderabad’s misfits Himadri Chakraborty (vocals), Anubhav Mehrotra (bass), Rahul Rumalla (guitars), Vamsi Pavan (drums) and Akhil Kodamanchili (guitars), rushed to a rather inappropriate studio when they felt the imminent splitting of their life paths – the following is the resulting recordings of rather ambitious arrangements in record time (3 weeks) with minimal experience of producing an album.

It’s said that if you listen beyond the production quality, there’s some fun songwriting coating with other tasty idiosyncrasies.

Many petitions have been signed to bring the band back together, but the funding required to sustain the combined luxuries of each individuals’ self-prescribed minimum for their lifestyles is not realistic for an audience of about 37 people.

more from that era – from Akhil Kodamanchili.

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